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It's all about YOU.

Your smile projects confidence, warmth and personality, and we know you’ve been referred to Dr. Zebovitz for an important reason. Perhaps your daughter was born with a congenital facial deformity, and you’re in search of a seasoned, compassionate professional to manage her reconstructive surgery and healing. Maybe it’s time to have your teen-aged son’s wisdom teeth removed. Or, you want to improve your jaw’s function or enhance your looks. Whatever your reason for visiting our practice, we want you to know we’re committed to providing you with exceptional care.


Our patient centered philosophy is derived from our staff’s shared commitment to you. You are our top priority…your needs, your health, your vision of yourself. You’re not just a patient to us. Instead, we’re committed to making you a partner in the process of restoring your health.

When you visit our cheerful, professional office, you may be welcomed along with several other patients. But when it’s your turn to visit Dr. Zebovitz, you’ll feel as though you are our top priority, because you are! We respect your time, listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provide education regarding your varied options.

Dr. Zebovitz practices proven, innovative methods to formulate your treatment options. He explains exactly how we plan to help you, how long the procedure will take to perform and what to expect immediately following. You receive clear directions to properly care for yourself throughout the healing process. Finally, we remain accessible once you leave our office when you have questions during your recovery.

Affirming our dedication to patient centered philosophy, we make many efforts to help the less fortunate. Dr. Zebovitz participates in several efforts to provide free services to the poorest across the globe, and in our own community. We invite you to read more about the organizations Dr. Zebovitz supports by visiting or The Stanton Clinic @ AAMC.


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