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Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

We often recommend Orthognathic Surgery when a patient’s jaw is misaligned, has grown improperly or is not a proper fit for the teeth. These issues with the jaw or bite can create several problems, including speech challenges, chronic pain and difficulty chewing, swallowing or breathing. Some patients opt for surgery to improve their appearance.

Many problems with the jaw or bite are hereditary. Some occur at birth; but others are the result of trauma or environmental causes.

Dr. Zebovitz works in tandem with your dentist, orthodontist or other practitioner to recommend a top caliber, comprehensive treatment plan for corrective surgery. Our practice combines the latest technology with patient centered focus, and we invite you to join us as an active participant in your care.

We take time to educate you and your family members regarding the details of your diagnosis, so you can make an informed decision. To that end, we invite our patients to view computer images that enable us to predict and showcase how surgery will improve your functionality or look.


Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might be having.

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