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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Management

Commonly known as TMJ, problems associated with the complex jaw unit yield a range of symptoms for patients. Disorders of the TM Joint often result from recurring clenched teeth, stressed jaw muscles or damaged joints resulting from trauma or illness.

Symptoms of TM Joint Disorders:


  • Sensitive, broken or loose teeth, or teeth which grind or no longer meet properly

  • Progressive change in jaw and bite position

  • Painful muscle aches in the head and neck region

  • Clicking, popping, grating or locking of the jaw

  • Difficulty using the mouth to yawn, speak or eat

  • Reduction of the front teeth’s ability to bit or chew food

Dr. Zebovitz treats disorders of the TM Joint by using varied and innovative approaches depending upon each patient’s needs. Dr. Zebovitz is aware of the complexity of TM Joint disorders, therefore, performs thorough diagnostic processes to formulate the most personalized and comprehensive treatment protocol. Most treatment protocols require a collaborative effort between Dr. Zebovitz and the patient to ensure success.

Dr. Zebovitz performs the following procedures for TM Joint Disorders:


  • Conservative non-surgical therapy provides bite splints or mouth-guards.

  • Arthrocentesis is typically performed for tender and poorly functioning jaw joints by flushing out inflammation and releasing scar bands. This procedure is usually performed in the office under IV sedation.

  • Microsurgery of the TM Joint addresses problems with the joint’s cartilage (meniscus or disc). Dr. Zebovitz often includes fat grafts to reduce scarring within the operated joint to improve joint movement and to reduce pain. The benefits of fat grafts have been well documented.

  • Prosthetic Joint Replacements are used for jaw joints that are structurally compromised due to advanced Degenerative Joint Disease. Dr. Zebovitz is an avid proponent of CT (scan) Guided 3D custom designed and fabricated prosthesis. Visit

Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might be having.

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